PetroReyden in cooperation with DSV as an international leading logistic company offers cost effective and integrated supply chain solutions.


Best-in-class supply chain solutions

Logistics as a competitive edge is becoming increasingly important due to current mobile market and short product life cycles. We believe an efficient supply chain is a key to success for our customers. At PetroReyden, we offer a fast-move supply chain which is fully tailored to customer requirements and expectations. Utilising DSV integrated services and technological capabilities we will help customers to increase productivity and ensure efficiency.

We support our customers with a comprehensive range of superior and value-added services, including dispatch, sea freight, customs support, land transport, warehousing to final delivery. While planning and execution of all transport operations are being handled, DSV Track & Trace enables customer to monitor the status of the shipments from pick-up to final delivery.


Warehouses in strategic locations

Thanks to DSV numerous warehouse facilities strategically located worldwide, we could provide cost effective, flexible and industry-specific storage solutions taking your base into account that enable customers to adjust inventory levels as necessary and minimise storage costs.


Track and Trace

Integrated IT system provides customers order status details and track and trace information. By streamlining supply chain system we have resolved all potential miscommunication between different parties in entire process.

Fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS) is extensively customised to meet specific requirements thanks to radio frequency (RF) technology for barcode scanning, which makes real-time order tracking possible.

DSV e-Visibility is an internet-based platform that gives you direct access from any location, enabling you to view the status of your orders.

Customs and duty process is managed through duty management system (DMS) which is fully integrated and automated international trade, customs and duty management.



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